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Angel, Charlie and Maia

Charlie is a real livewire. A proper little boy who goes everywhere at jet-plane speed but still loves a cuddle.

Angel certainly doesn't live up to her name and with the other two can be in all sorts of mischief.

Maia is very petite and lady-like but is no lady!

I have a touch sensitive light by my bed and also a cat bed by it. Whenever Charlie goes missing I go upstairs and there he is fast asleep in the cat bed and the light on above him. Sometimes during the night the light gets switched on too. No matter how tired I am it does make me laugh.

Effie & Alastair Wallace, Kinross

JayJay, Jools and Ruadh

First there was one, then I decided you need two for company and now we are at three which is a bit of a crowd but much more fun!

JayJay, Jools and Ruadh provide me with great company and many laughs. All three follow me around the house and watch everything that I do. All have very different characters which add to the entertainment and I love them all dearly.

First to arrive on the scene. Our very first Devon Rex. He was so delicate that we thought we would break him. He slept with us in our bed from the very first night and still loves nothing better than being under the duvet.

He is the most relaxed and laid back of the three though he has to get to know you first. He doesn't like strangers picking him up, but likes to sniff round them for a while, in every nook and cranny. He has to sit in your lap as soon as you sit down - especially when you are at the computer - otherwise his face will be in front of the screen or he will start attacking the keyboard until you take notice.

Very much a creature of comfort, JayJay loves food, warmth, attention and cuddles. He will let you know which. If he is settled next to the radiator, it takes nothing less than a bomb to move him. He doesn't mind any of the other two coming up to sit with him but just don't try kicking him off! If I had to be truthful, he prefers my husband purely on the basis that he is much warmer than me. Every night JayJay likes to wake you to let him under the duvet - usually when the heating goes off - and then scratches you to rub him. If you fall asleep in the meantime, the claws are out to waken you!

Second to arrive, starting off very shy and timid, although this did not last. He is now the complete opposite and goes everywhere at lightning speed. He is the most adventurous of the three and will attempt to scale anything in the house, no matter what height. Very much the entertainer, Jools loves to show off to the other two and any visitors - a totally fearless cat! Both he and JayJay love our clothes horse and are not happy until all the clean washing is on the floor.

Jools loves being picked up and cuddled at any time. He would let me carry him around in my arms all day, just lying there purring away. He hates the hoover and is off on top of the wardrobe as soon as he sees it.

To sum Jools up, he is a very mischievous cat, who loves to play and carry on. He doesn't nap anywhere near as much as the other two, and prefers to be roaming the house to see what he can get up to. He is always up for action and especially loves any toy with a bell on it. If he hears the chink of a bell he is up and off. Jools truly believes that I belong to him and gets very jealous when I pay too much attention to the other two.

Our latest addition to the clan. We didn't get Ruadh as a kitten and the first surprise to me was that she was much smaller and lighter than the other two. I thought at first she would be bullied due to her size but this was certainly not the case. She was very quick to let the guys know that she can hold her own. Not that this was a problem as she slotted in right away.

Ruadh is very much the little lady of the house. She is very well behaved and is very gentle, warm and friendly, much quieter natured than the others but definitely the most talkative of the three. Obviously a female thing!

The first night she was here we were woken in the middle of the night by noises we had never heard before. It turned out she just wanted a bit of company and a cuddle. Now she has settled in, she keeps her talking for the morning when I feed her and when I come in from work. When JayJay or Jools play with her, she makes noises. I often think Ruadh has one of those noisy bouncing balls inside her. She makes a strange "Eeepp" every time she jumps onto or off anything.

Ruadh's likes include carrying small toy mice about, chewing bits of plastic (forbidden!), and more recently, carrying the dish washing sponge about?! Strange, but very cute!

Patricia Borthwick, Renfrew,


Naresuan Marghrad Beag
Maggie of the chewed ears

Esther, Maggie's mother (Timmincki Esther Ectomy), had a 'thing' about chewing her kittens' ears and managed to chew round all the ears of Maggie and her brother and 2 sisters, to varying degrees.

The curious thing is that as adults they were all very timid. I've got to show a photo of Maggie to visitors because as soon as the door bell rings she's off - usually under my duvet! The second my visitors have gone, she pops her head round the bedroom door.

Maggie's favourite pastime is pens. She loves moving them from wherever they are to the floor, so when I can't find a pen, I look under all the furniture to find one.

She has now been joined by a 7-year old Havana called Jack. They now tolerate each other and hopefully will soon be the best of pals!
Maggie's mother Esther
(Timmincki Esther Ectomy)

Douglas Siddons, Glasgow,

Rumble, Josh and Meg




They say that two's company, three's a crowd and that is the case with my little cat family, unfortunately. In spite of having been with us for three years now, Meg is still not accepted as a member of the family by Josh.

Josh is a cat with a strong personality and very fixed ideas. He is also an expert at opening doors. He found he could open all the inside doors by jumping up and swinging on the lever-type handles so I had to replace them with round knobs. The freezer door has to have a child proof lock on it as well as all the cupboards in the kitchen. His recent trick is to open the microwave oven, where I used to put left-over food till it cooled enough for the fridge. Think again! Strange to relate, however, he hasn't managed to work out how to use the cat flap. He thinks you have to get your claws under it and pull it towards you. Which goes to show that cats are only human after all!!

Meg is our little Christmas pudding. She is not permitted the freedom of the house by the overbearing Josh so has not much chance to exercise. I have to shut the boys up in their room so that she can get to run around. Her favourite thing is a glittery gold chain which I have to throw and she will retrieve until one or other of us tires of it. When a lady visitor comes she immediately gets on her knee to inspect any necklaces and hopefully to inveigle her into a game with them. Makes me feel like Fagin! I live in hope that someday Josh will accept Meg fully. We have moved on in that they will share my knee now albeit with a good deal of grumbling and threatening on both sides. Sigh!!

Morag Brown, Fife

Safi, Mymble, Whuppity & Rowan

Safi has a very low boredom threshold.

Stop work and entertain me NOW.
If she gets really fed up she yells, and tries to grab my fingers and pull them off the keyboard.

'Nanny' Mymble takes her duties very seriously. The young must be educated.

Mymble rolling
Mymbatics masterclass

Ruadh flopping
Student Ruadh. Willing, if somewhat inept.

Whuppity in bootees. "Not that ruddy camera again!!"

Rowan. Well, they do say sweeps are lucky!

Elizabeth Brown, Fife,

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